《Neural Networks and Deep Learning》



CHAPTER 1 Using neural nets to recognize handwritten digits

第一章看完,看得比较快,没做摘要和笔记。写得还算是深入浅出,娓娓道来。照顾入门学习者。找时间把第一章的重点内容再过一遍,尤其是代码实现。手写数字识别是深度学习的“Hello World”。

2017.11.19 & 2017.11.20 更新

CHAPTER 2 How the backpropagation algorithm works

CHAPTER 3 Improving the way neural networks learn

CHAPTER 4 A visual proof that neural nets can compute any function

CHAPTER 5 Why are deep neural networks hard to train?

CHAPTER 6 Deep learning